Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Zig Zag dancer is tapping his feet on the final block'REGIME' for long Europeans and Washingtom leaders talked loud against Miltary Rule Dictatorships and took all honors on the afternoon of the day of deliverance. But as the scientists split the atom and announced Perfection was available but "Matter will prevail over antimatter",and as the technologists created HTML and all the ink on earth was one . Carelessly but EU and US Leadership were cheffing to offer European Queens into the ruthless arms of a Sentenced Mass Killer a Junta Leader over Regimes . The Regimes that have over the Fourty Five last years taken control of thought and wealth of Countries and found resort with International Crime to hold an SPQR [A Seal on every soul] . As Credit Unions threatened countries in 80s and 90s to do as they were told USA and EU were losing the final clasp to fall millions of fathoms away from thier partnership or controls both Political and Economic of both Asia and Africa. Has the Dictatorship of Masses became vested interest of Western Press Aristocracy?. Just as the hypocrisy and envy increased in Hamlin City Council towards a ragged clown standing against few bags of Glod Coins , he was sipping away thier creativity and sence of judgement untill one lame soul was in thier book . All these decades Regimes werent talk? Regimes were showing spirit buying Europeon Goods and US Policies. What are regimes? The Western Dictionaries never tell reality because most from masses will never reach it.The Americans were not even members in creation of Vatican. But Jesus is God! And Jesus's God was The Unseen and Jesus took Rome! Which God is Tony's God .Can his God measured in Drachmas ?Will he start lying for Qatari Dollars? The age has changed and just another Party is over! The confetti is scattered on floor ,the goblets empty,the air stale ,the players have left .A few deaf theifs are busy while the bugles of resurection have sounded on the planet for the Great two Easts are both en vouge ! The Nords have taken there turn with Wool and Coton with Ships and Oil Rinks .The Balks are back!Two new Wests .